Welcome to the last stop on your click tour of creative media gurus. 

Project Conceptualization & Planning  •  Script Writing & Consulting  •  Content Creation  • Film/Video Production  • Editing


Hello. I'm Rick, 

a vastly and uniquely experienced storyteller and creative content pro. I work across a number of mediums from the written word to full-on documentary and film production. 

My forte is seeing the whole project from the beginning and then crafting unique, holistic, branded, engaging & emotional content to inspire an audience and move them to action. 

With a penchant for extreme adventure, social & environmental justice, great food (and wine), and eye-catching media production, there's plenty I bring to the table of creative, effective outreach. 


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I believe (a short creative manifesto)

I believe there's still a lot of magic in the world.  I believe that we should all read more books (but then I'd be out of a job).  I believe that successful organizations are the ones that have and can tell the best stories in all forms of media (back to that job).  I believe you don't have to settle for mediocre outreach (and shouldn't). I believe that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still the most entertaining movie ever made. I believe that to get anywhere you have to be a little (okay, a lot) daring. I believe in the absolute power of creativity to inspire people to genuine, long-lasting action.  I believe in fighting for a better, healthier, regenerative future and that we'll all get there together. 

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Creative Strategy & Storytelling

Marketing/Social Campaign Design & Execution

Award-Winning Script & Copy Writing

Film/Video/Documentary Production

Audience Engagement

Live Event Production


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I believe we all need a hug sometimes... 

or at least creative content that feels like it's giving you a big, warm hug. 

So CONTACT ME for that big hug and we'll figure it all out.  


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