Welcome to the last stop on your click tour of creative media gurus. 


Hello. I'm Rick, 

a vastly and uniquely experienced Storyteller and creative content pro. I work across a number of mediums from the written word to full-on documentary and film production. 

My forte is seeing the whole and holistic picture of what needs to be told and then crafting unique, branded, and ultimately emotional content to engage an audience and move them to action. 

With a penchant for extreme adventure, social & environmental justice, great food (and wine), and eye-catching media production, there's plenty I bring to the table of creative, effective outreach. 


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I believe (a short creative manifesto)

I believe you can win the internet. I believe there's still a lot of magic in the world.  I believe that we should all read more books (but then I'd be out of a job).  I believe that successful organizations tell the best stories (back to that job).  I believe you don't have to settle for mediocre outreach (and shouldn't). I believe that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still the most entertaining movie ever made. I believe that to get anywhere you have to be a little daring. I believe in the absolute power of creativity in art and words. 

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Creative Strategy & Storytelling

Marketing/Social Campaign Design & Execution

Award-Winning Script & Copy Writing

Film/Video/Documentary Production

Audience Engagement

Live Event Production


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I believe we all need a hug sometimes... 

or at least creative content that feels like it's giving you a big, warm hug. 

So CONTACT ME for that big hug and we'll figure it all out.  


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