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Hello. I'm Rick, 

a rather uniquely experienced storyteller and creative content pro. 

I've written feature film scripts, dangled from ice walls and helicopters on extreme shoots, been chased by people with machetes (another extreme type of shoot), attended ad school, collaborate with impact-making nonprofits, and worked for some of the bigger names in Hollywood (a long time ago, in galaxy far away...).

My forte is understanding how to craft the most engaging, needle-moving project right from the bar napkin (that's where all good ideas start, right?).  

Really nothing less than unique, holistic, branded, and emotional content that inspires audiences and moves them to action.  


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I believe (a short creative manifesto)

I believe there's still a lot of magic in the world.  I believe that we should all read more books (but then I'd be out of a job).  I believe that successful organizations are the ones that can tell the best stories in all forms of media (back to that job).  I believe you don't have to settle for work that's "fine" or "does the trick" (and shouldn't). I believe that Raiders of the Lost Ark is still the most entertaining movie ever made. I believe that to get anywhere you have to be a little (okay, a lot) daring. I believe in the absolute power of creativity to inspire people to genuine, long-lasting action.  I believe in fighting for a better, healthier, regenerative future... and that we'll all get there together. 

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Creative Strategy & Storytelling

Marketing/Social Campaign Design & Execution

Award-Winning Script & Copy Writing

Film/Video/Documentary Production

Audience Engagement

Live Event Production


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I also believe we all need a hug sometimes... 

or at least content that feels like it's giving you a big, warm hug. 

So CONTACT ME for that big hug and we'll figure it all out.  


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