Storytelling. It's an obsession.

It's a passion. It's what I do. Ever since going to the movie theater as a child, and being enthralled when the lights went down and a whole new world opened before me as the projector cranked out its magic, I've been on a path to creative storytelling. After college, I couldn't get to L.A. fast enough to work in the film industry and ever since, I've gathered knowledge, expertise -- and yes, many crazy tales -- of how to craft images as well as words to illicit the same feeling I got as a youngster.

I've produced & directed multimedia campaigns and way-outside-the-box projects for cult wine companies, major film festivals, global media outlets and world-changing nonprofit organizations.

I'm equally adept at packing through a sweltering tropical jungle, shooting on top of the Himalayas or simply (ha) with both feet firmly on the studio floor. I love bringing my boundless energy and sharp-edged skills as a copy/script writer to every project, every day.

The only thing I "specialize" in is engaging, impactful, difference-making content creation.

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