Storytelling. It's an obsession.

It's a passion. It's where I excel. Ever since the days of being enthralled when the lights went down in the movie theater and a whole new world opened before me as the projector cranked out its magic, I've been on a path to creative storytelling. 

After college, I headed for L.A. – Hollywood – and spent several years in the film industry learning the ropes of film production on commercials & feature films, script development at well-known companies, and how to be an agent to the stars.  I gathered a wealth of expertise – and yes, many crazy tales – of how to craft images and words to illicit the same feeling I got as a youngster in the theater.

Wanting to further my storytelling education (and try to steer away from the freelance life) I went off to grad school for Advertising & Copywriting at the amazing Creative Circus, a top portfolio school for burgeoning ad creatives.  

Happened to graduate as the dotcom bubble burst and... found myself back into the freelance life, but now armed with professional ad, marketing and design skills to compliment my film/video production chops.  

After stints in the San Francisco Bay area and now Texas, I've produced & directed multimedia campaigns and way-outside-the-box projects for cult wine companies, major film festivals, global media outlets, and world-changing nonprofit organizations.

I'm equally adept at crafting impactful marketing strategy and creative campaigns as I am packing through a sweltering tropical jungle to film a documentary. I love bringing my boundless energy and laser-honed skills as a copy/script writer to every project, every day.

The only thing I "specialize" in is engaging, impactful, difference-making content creation.

Iceland. Adventure TV show production.

Second highest mountain in California. 

Just hanging out of a helicopter to get the shot.

"Embedded" on a extreme sports TV show.

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